$15 Million Rolls Royce Sweptail First Driving Shots

When you really look at how some people choose to spend their money, it’s a ...

When you really look at how some people choose to spend their money, it’s a strange occurrence to explain. Now, if you earn the money to spend it however you want then, by all means, spend away, but when you really break it down and look at the numbers, some things are just too strange to grasp. For example, the person behind this car spent in excess of $13 million on their very own Rolls-Royce. From what we’ve been told, that $13 million bought them not only their very own one-of-a-kind Rolls, but also all of the R&D that went into the car and a guarantee that another one like it will never roll into the hands of another consumer.

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You see, for a company like Rolls-Royce to build a custom machine like this, granting the rights to this one-off creation to a single disgustingly wealthy customer, it would cost just that much money in case you’re looking for yourself. While, to the incredibly rich, that might not seem like a ton of money, to the average American who makes somewhere in the mid $40,000 range each and every year, if you save your pennies up and make just the right investments, you might be able to afford a car like thisin just about 300 years or so, or a vehicle similar to it if this owner isn’t going to come off of their ride. You better hope that medical technology really picks up if you really want to buy something like this for yourself and you’re in that “average” range.

Follow along in the video below that gets up close and personal with the Rolls-Royce Sweptail, a car that, even seeing in person with your own two eyes is incredibly rare. When you take one look at a vehicle like this, you can’t help but admire it but there’s always that little voice in the back of your head wondering just how much benefit you gained over electing to go with a standard Rolls-Royce and if it was really worth blowing all that money on. I suppose that if you make the ridiculous amount of money that it would require to have something like this in your driveway, that’s neither here nor there, though.

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