1,400+RWHP ProCharged Big Block Chevy – 1969 Nova Street Car!!

When you’re putting together a car, depending on how much money you have and ...

When you’re putting together a car, depending on how much money you have and what you’re going to be using it for, there are definitely a variety of different applications that could seems to be right for what it is that your particular situation entails. This time, we check out a car that’s going all out, all without turning that boost knob up too much and keeping the car at a safe baseline. When we first heard this thing come to life, the 1969 Chevrolet Nova was definitely a car that we had to share with you because, personally, I found a chill running down my spine when I first heard the machine in action in this video.

With a big block under the hood and a ProCharger that seems to want to do nothing but gulp down extra air, this stout old school Chevy is certainly a beast. After getting the quick rundown of what this car is all about, we get the chance to see it hit the dyno rollers with a vengeance, laying out a wild 1400 hp at the rear tires and absolutely screaming its way right into your heart. This is when the guy behind the build tells us that, should the owner want to, he could turn it way up as this setup is super safe as to not break anything. There’s no telling how much power it would make if they decided to crank the dial up to ten!

Follow along down the video below as this car rumbles and screams, making you drop what you’re doing and keep your eyes peeled to see what it does next. Be sure to get a load of this old school American iron that has been brought up to speed and tell us what you think of this spotless Chevrolet that really brings the pain.

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