California Road Plays Music When You Drive on it and it Sounds Awful

If we start to discuss how companies look to get attention upon themselves to, in ...

If we start to discuss how companies look to get attention upon themselves to, in turn, sell their vehicles, there are tons of marketing campaigns out there that are designed to grab attention. In fact, perhaps one of the most valuable resources in the world that you can actually purchase is attention so, therefore, being good at getting that attention through your marketing efforts is certainly something that could end up paying off in a big way. If you do it just right, you can turn that attention into traffic which could then turn into sales which naturally, eventually equates to more money.

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In this one, we check out a marketing attempt that would have an automaker attempting to turn a California road into a sort of instrument when vehicles drive over it. In the same way that rumble strips act to alert you that you’re about to drive off of the road, different divots and grooves in this road would, in theory, use it to play out a melody when you drive on it, more specifically, the William Tell Overture. It was all part of Honda’s means of grabbing that oh so valuable attention by proving that they could do some amazing engineering on a large scale. In theory, it was a great idea but in practice, not so much.

If you follow along in the video down below, we get the entire explanation on exactly what was supposed to happen here and exactly where they fell short. From the video, the road still does kind of sound neat to drive on but it definitely is nowhere near where it is supposed to be and thanks to YouTuber, Tom Scott, we’re able to learn about exactly why that is. We would definitely have to grade this one as a valiant attempt but, even with all of that effort and planning, things just didn’t happen to pan out the way that they would’ve liked them too as the crew came up just short.

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