If You Thought Splitting Lanes Was Dangerous You’re in For a Treat… This Guy Takes it to a New Level

If you thought that some stunt riders pushed it when they took their displays to the ...

If you thought that some stunt riders pushed it when they took their displays to the streets, doing their over-the-top antics in traffic, along comes someone who really takes it to a whole new level. This guy doesn’t only do stunts in traffic but, as he rides a wheelie on his dirt bike, he’s also splitting lanes, coming within feet of cars on both sides of them as this edgy display gets carried out on the highway. This guy really takes unnecessary danger to a new level as he swings his way back on the bike, not really caring if anybody decides to switch lanes in front of them because if they do, he’s definitely going for a ride that he’ll never forget.

As the bike made its way down the highway, the rider flipped on his camera and recorded the whole thing to take us all along for the ride. It’s incredibly nerve-racking to watch when the rider puts life and limb on the line in order a cool video. I guess that he did get his desired outcome but, at the end of the day, we hope he’s careful in the future as to not get tangled up in a bad situation by doing something like this. As something that could be deadly, carrying this out isn’t something that I would recommend for any of our viewers to head out there to try out.

Check out the video down below is this adrenaline junkie takes his craft to the next level entirely and be sure to tell us what you think of this one wheeled display as this rider makes his way through rush hour traffic and somehow manages to blast his way out on the other side. This guy might have a death wish but surely is entertaining to watch as he pushes the limits on exactly what his motorcycle is capable of.

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