Kevin Harvick on why he Thinks Dale Jr Wasn’t Good For NASCAR, Dale Responds

Words can be strange sometimes. There can be times where someone says something and ...

Words can be strange sometimes. There can be times where someone says something and its perceived in an entirely different manner than which it was meant to be heard. Other times, the words come out and might sound a bit harsh but they could be exactly what the person who has uttered them intended.

This time, the war of the words is going down between Dale Earnhardt Junior and Kevin Harvick. With Junior’s retirement right over the horizon and within an arm’s reach, his name is been a popular topic of discussion with most drivers giving him a tip of the hat sprinkled with some respect as he sees his way off of the scene. However, it turns out that Harvick might’ve had something a little bit different to say as he has an alternate opinion on Jr’s career.

Basically, on a recent radio show that Harvick hosts, he sounded off when asked about how he felt about Dale Earnhardt Junior’s performance throughout his career. In summary, the gist of his comments went a little something like the fact that Harvick thinks that NASCAR has had its growth stunted by the fact that its most popular driver is not its most successful one. While Dale Earnhardt Junior might be at the front of the pack of NASCAR drivers when it comes to popularity and he has had a share of success, his name somewhat overshadows the fact that he hasn’t been down victory lane as many times as many other drivers who definitely have not achieved a household name status that Junior has.

It isn’t entirely clear how a comment like that would be productive because I’m sure that there’s not really anything that Dale Junior can do about his celebrity status or if he would have a reason to want to change it but Harvick remained adamant that this sort of situation is one that should be flipped over, continuing that other sports do well because their most popular athletes are those who do the best. It certainly does raise a valid point but I’m not sure that’s a true statement, *AHEM, Tim Tebow*.

All in all, I’m not really sure how this could be a factor that could really be in anybody’s control. Do you think that it was necessary for Harvick to come out and say something like this amidst Dale’s retirement season or do you think it would have been better for him to stay silent about it, especially given the idea that it’s not really something that anyone has a magic wand to wave over and change? Before sounding off, be sure to check out Junior’s reponse to the drama down below.

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