There’s People Who Can’t Park and then People Who REALLY Can’t Park

Sometimes, you come across a video online that might make you wonder how exactly ...

Sometimes, you come across a video online that might make you wonder how exactly somebody managed to get their drivers license in the first place. After a display like this, I really do to wonder what this person is driving like in other situations with other drivers out there on public roads that everybody has access to. Hopefully, their ability out there has nothing to do with any of their parking skills because if it does, that’s a bad sign for the rest of the people on the roadways. Maybe parking is just one bad area of their array of driving skills or lack thereof and should be ironed out just a little bit.

However, in either situation, this time, we check out a display that’s very far from normal when it comes to parking a car. In fact, with how small this car is, you’d think that it would be relatively easy to get behind the wheel of and park with precision, however they’d prove to be on an adventure that would take a couple of pivots before finally being able to wiggle their way into the parking spot of their choosing. For everyone watching this display, it really had to be a pretty funny undertaking that made it hard to hold back laughter as this poor driver tried and tried again until they finally managed to figure out a way to hit the spot just right.

Follow along down in the video below to get the rundown on exactly how much of a struggle this parking display really would end up being. No matter what anybody says about your ability to parallel park, I can almost guarantee that watching a video like this will make you feel a little bit better about your abilities when it comes to any facet of driving. After all of that was said and done, I’m just sitting here wondering what would happen if you put this driver behind the wheel of a big truck.


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