This Might Be The Most Intense Tug Of War Ever…

We have seen a lot of tug-of-war battles go down. Essentially, it tests out just ...

We have seen a lot of tug-of-war battles go down. Essentially, it tests out just about everything that is desirable in a heavy duty machine. The winner of the tug-of-war is the one with the most traction, torque, and the ability to stay together longer than the guy that you’re pulling against. If you’re able to master all of these categories, odds are that you will reign supreme on the tug-of-war pad. If nothing else, at least, you could grab bragging rights if you can hold your machine together to have a steady pull out on the pad, proving that you’re better than the next owner and his/her machine.

This time, we take a minute to check out a tug-of-war unlike any that we have ever seen before. This one really goes to the task of putting together a Chevrolet versus Ford battle but it’s really more than that! This one shows us not only a brand battle of sorts but also a battle for a youngster who might just get into a new hobby. You see, on one end of this battle is a Duramax powered diesel truck and on the other, a young man who has his Power Wheels ready to go, trying to show that big bad diesel who the boss is!

In the video below, you’ll witness quite a memorable moment that has this youngster getting into the hobby in a way that is so genuine and pure that you can’t help but love it. These are those moments, early on in life, that really can shape a young man or lady and bring them around full-swing into a hobby that could service them for the rest of their lives. You can’t help but get excited for this young man as he starts to punch his way straight into the hobby of trucks that will probably drain his bank account but we guarantee that he will love it!

Duramax vs Powerstroke tug of war

Chevy vs Ford 😀

Posted by Fullsize Chevy Trucks on Wednesday, December 13, 2017

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